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Friends are Friends, Forever by Dane Liu

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Stephanie Wildman and I are co-authors and earlier this year Stephanie won a manuscript critique by Dane Liu.

I have to say -- I've had book critiques by friends (professionals in their own right) and family members, but a critique by Dane Liu is like a white belt getting schooled in martial arts by a grand master, but without all the "I'm better than you" energy.

Dane was kind (too kind) and patient (so patient!), and as I grow my network of accomplished authors, I feel so privileged to have crossed paths with her. In one's writing practice, one should have a series of mentor texts, books or pages that help steer you in developing your own voice and writing style. Friends are Friends, Forever is indeed a mentor text for me.

This story features Asian awesomeness in the context of home-cooked meals, childhood friendships, and immigrating to a new country. Even I learned about a new lunar new year custom of cutting red paper snowflakes, a tradition from northern China.

Friends are Friends, Forever was written in the first-person voice. My daughter and I have taken turns reading the story and I appreciate that we can both practice empathy as we navigate life transitions with our main character.

I hope you'll join me in celebrating Dane's recent publication. You can snatch your own copy of Friends are Friends, Forever directly from Macmillan Publishers.

Follow Dane Liu on Twitter at @daneliuwrites.

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