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Mooncakes and Moonlight for Maia

The 2022 #fallwritingfrenzy 2022 contest was created by Kaitlyn Sanchez (Agent at Context Literary) and is co-hosted by author Lydia Lukidis. See the full rules and prizes here.

Stephanie and I decided to collaborate on our entry. The challenge is fun and simple. Select an approved image and write (a mood, a poem, a story, etc.) in 200 words or less. Stephanie and I chose the image of the mooncakes but stuck to our brand (mixing Chinese and Jewish customs) when writing. Keep reading for our submission below. I've said it once and I'll say it again -- it's fun practice to write short stories for an image as a quick brainstorm or warm up.

Mooncakes and Moonlight for Maia (197 words)

By: Adam Chang and Stephanie Wildman

“What’s that? It looks like a red rabbit?” Maia asked Yeh Yeh.

“A lantern for the Mooncake Festival – the last Saturday of September – also called the Mid-Autumn Festival. We give thanks for the harvest. Mooncakes for Maia.”

* * *

“Zaide, we’re having mooncakes and lighting lanterns for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Will you come?

“Sure! And we have Sukkot – the last Saturday of September. We’ll celebrate the harvest with the lulav and esrog in the Sukkah. The moon will be full. Moonlight for Maia.”

* * *

Maia heard Zaide and Yeh Yeh arguing.

“Is there a problem?” Maia asked her grandfathers.

“Autumn Festival,” said Yeh Yeh.

“Sukkot,” said Zaide. “On the same day. We have to choose one.”

Zaide and Yeh Yeh spoke at the same time.

“Autumn Sukkot Festival,” Maia heard their mixed voices.

Maia decided she’d be the loudest of all.


* * *

Yeh Yeh held a plate wrapped with a red cloth.

Maia smelled the homemade mooncakes.

Zaide held a lulav and etrog.

The lulav shook.

Maia grinned, “Like I said, ‘no problem.’ Lanterns and mooncakes in the sukkah AND the lulav and etrog. We can all be together.”

“Mooncakes and moonlight for everyone!,” they agreed.

Kaitlyn is on Twitter @kaitlynleann17

Lydia is on Twitter @lydialukidis

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09. Okt. 2022

What a beautiful blended story for the best contest of the year. Good work!

@mowrex (Twitter)

Gefällt mir
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