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"A world beyond words" - Drawn Together by Minh Lê

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

It's no secret that a good children's book is highly dependent on a good illustrator. Because the words come alive with the visuals.

Drawn Together appears to be the perfect marriage. Minh Lê's few (but impactful) words clearly gave illustrator Dan Santat the inspiration for bringing the pages to life.

In an all too relatable (and rather meta) story, our protagonist overcomes his language barrier with grandpa through personalized illustrations.

I'm grateful to both Minh and Dan for this picture book. It's a constant reminder of how my own grandparents taught me their native language, how grandpa taught me to draw (ask me to teach you how to draw a rose), offering structure and technique to an art form that many are too afraid to own and master.

Our children are sometimes impatient with their grandparents. And if my child is like me, sometimes take grandparents for granted. Drawn Together is another children's book that appears to resonate with the adult reader as much as it does in pulling the child into a world of fantasy.

Learn more about Drawn Together and find your own copy by visiting here.

You can follow Minh Lê on Twitter at @bottomshelfbks or on Instagram at @bottomshelfbks. Follow Dan Santat on Instagram at @dsantat.

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